Monday, February 01, 2010

Photo of the Day - Have some cake?

2010-01-31 - Nursery-34

Wow what a busy Monday! Man I am still trying to catch my breath. Had a busy day at work and then headed to Brandon to do some (MORE) baby shopping at Babies R Us. I do apologize for another "Baby" post and I know how much I was disappointed with others when all they would do was talk about that part of their life but now I kind of understand as it does really consume your life while you get ready for such a big event. In any event, here is today's photo of the day of a "diaper cake" that one of our friends made for the baby shower and below is a shot of the real cake (Raspberry and chocolate) that another friend made for the shower both with a Pooh (poo?) theme.

2010-01-30 - Baby Shower-4

Both artists are so talented and we loved both of them in their own way - thanks! That's all for today - thanks for stopping by again and for putting up with more baby talk - I swear it's not all I've got to offer and I'll prove it tomorrow for Wednesday's photo of the day! See you then!

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