Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo of the Day - Sis:


Keeping with the theme so far this week I figured I would continue with the portraits and this time around showcase our Shiba Inu Kohana. With Otis's outgoing personality and eagerness to be the center of attention it's easy to end up with more photos of him. Kohana is literally the Yin to Otis's Yang. Shiba Inus are an amazing breed but terriers they are not. If you haven't heard of the breed you're not alone so check out the wiki page. They do look very unique and we get a lot of comments that she "looks like a fox" and even more questions as to what she is. She never barks and is very calm but still very loving in her own way. She is absolutely the perfect fit in our "animal family" since she absolutely loves our cat Milo and does a great job calming and keeping our Rat Terrier Otis in check. She's definitely daddy's girl but loves all of us.

When we got her we had no idea on a name. We did know that we wanted to aim for a Japanese name to keep some of her Japanese heritage here in central Florida and once we knew her mother's name we had it! Her mom's name is Hana which means flower in Japanese. Kohana means little flower and just like that our little flower had her name.

This shot was actually taken in an outdoor portrait session in the yard of our rental house in Jacksonville. She loves to be outside so she has no problem just sitting in the yard taking in all of the sights and smells. She really made it easy for me and I ended up with the above shot.

Thanks for stopping by today for Tuesday's photo of the day. Hope to see you back here tomorrow for Wednesday's photo of the day!

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