Sunday, January 24, 2010

Photo of the Day - True Love:


Good morning! I figured I would start off your week and mine with two beautiful smiling faces. Had a great weekend but as always it was too short. Went up to Gainesville for the basketball game on Saturday and we weren't disappointed as Chandler Parsons once again saved the Gators with a last second shot. I still don't have my voice back! Hopefully this win gives the guys some great momentum for the rest of the conference season.

During some down time this weekend I was going through my Lightroom 2 library cleaning things up a bit and looking through some "old" photos. Something interesting happens every time I go through my catalog because I always find "new" photos that I either didn't have time to edit or just didn't get around to uploading. The above photo is one of them and I absolutely love it. Not sure how this one was lost in the shuffle but I'm glad it isn't lost anymore. This shot was taken last June and it really shows how happy my wife and our dog Otis truly are. This is only a fraction of how happy they make me.

This shot sums it all up. Otis is a perfect example of a mama's boy and Britt is an amazing example of a mom. We'll see much more of this in the coming months but I know we're in great shape based on how she takes care of me and the pets! :-) I am in no way shape or form a portrait photographer and it is definitely something I need to work on but the best and most natural looking photos are just that, natural. The elements matched up perfectly in this shot. Happy wife + happy dog = happy husband & photographer. This will be a favorite of mine for quite a while and I'm glad I found it so I could share it with you!

Thanks for checking in this morning as you start your week and I hope it is a good one! Looking for something else to do on the internet today? Check out my ask me anything page where you can post a question for me whether it be a photography question, a question about me, or if you want to know why I keep posting these blog entries, I'll do my best to answer them all! I found this site thanks to my good friend Doug Levy who is an amazing photographer so if asking questions aren't your thing check out his blog. Whatever you do, be sure to come back here tomorrow for Tuesday's edition of the photo of the day!

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