Monday, January 18, 2010

Photo of the Day - White Out:

2010-01-15 - Camellia-105

Day 2 of posting the POTD early and so far so good! Yesterday was a pretty good day at work for a Monday but being at work on a holiday makes it pretty difficult to get much done if all of the people you are trying to contact aren't working. I expect a ton of returned calls and messages today so hopefully I can keep up!

We had a routine check up on the baby yesterday and everything went pretty well. We have been making our rounds of doctors at the office in case Britt goes into labor and our chosen doctor isn't available and someone else is on call. Our doctor at this visit noticed that Britt's belly measurement was a bit low and hadn't changed much since our last visit. Apparently you are supposed to be +/- 2 from how many weeks into the pregnancy you are. Britt is 34 weeks along but only measured 32 - this is still within the acceptable range but the doctor ordered an ultrasound today to check on everything. He said it could also be because the baby has already begun to drop. He did not seem terribly concerned but obviously in our position it isn't as easy to not be concerned. Hopefully everything looks good this afternoon and we are able to turn our concern into just one last pre-natal photo shoot before the big day. All I know is it's not in our hands and we've just got to have faith.

So after the blast of reds, pinks, and purples yesterday I figured I would white things out a bit and show another flower that I took shots of on Friday. Like I said yesterday my mom has quite a diverse group of Camellia bushes and the above shot is of another type. After I shot the pink and purple Camellia (sorry don't know the exact type but if any experts on horticulture out then please chime in) we took a walk around the yard to see if there were any flowers still on the bush that were ready for their close up. Sure enough there were a few. This was a bit more of a challenge since I was taking macro shots hand held in the wind and shade. Shooting something that close up hand held can be difficult with even the slightest camera shake let alone less than stellar light and wind but I managed to get a few that I'm proud of. Click here to see the rest of the set.

Before you go back to work or whatever you are up to this morning be sure to check out my updated Flora section on my web page. You may recognize some of the updates but some of the other shots may be new to you. I also think they look great in that gallery with the black background really putting the focus on the image so be sure to check it out! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you back here again tomorrow!

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