Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Photo of the Day - Garage Owl:

Eastern Screech Owl-46

Today I went back into the archives to some more photos that I should have edited and posted a long time ago. I was in an editing mood last night so I went through a few sets of shots that needed my attention. If I keep this up I'm going to eventually run out of old shots and have to get out and shoot some new material. Actually that is my aim in this little project.

The above photo was taken of an Eastern Screech Owl that was in my Uncle Mike & Aunt Kathy's garage. This isn't a typical wildlife photo shoot since it was in an enclosure and I really didn't have to go and seek out the shot - I just got a call from my Uncle Mike. Gotta love the easy ones (or so I thought)! Owls are really interesting birds and this little guy was no exception. He's much smaller than the photos may indicate and this species has a max weight of only 8 lbs and no taller than a football. Be sure to click on the link above or here to learn more about this really cool animal.

This little guy had decided to take shelter in this carport. It was summer and sweltering and bright out so I imagine he was taking shelter from the sun and heat. Unfortunately in the ceiling of a garage doesn't provide the best light for photography. Couple that with the fact he was partially obstructed and it didn't turn out as easy as I had initially thought. I worked as closely as I could and used my 70-200mm f/2.8 lens to give the owl some space while also being able to shoot at 2.8 since it was so dark in there. I couldn't use the flash because I didn't think the light would have been able to get to the subject evenly and with a sensitive subject like an owl in a dark area the first shot with a flash would probably have been my last. After the initial shots I knew that I could work with the available light. I'm really glad Mike gave me a call and I found the time to go over for a visit because this was the first and last time this owl perched in the garage. Hopefully that didn't have anything to do with my numerous and likely annoying shutter bursts. :-) Below are a few more shots from the day of this beautiful creature:

Eastern Screech Owl-89

Eastern Screech Owl-66

Eastern Screech Owl-26

If you'd like to see a few more be sure to check out myEastern Screech Owl set on Flickr. Hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them!

Great to see you here back again today and be sure to stay tuned since there are some changes in the works including some guest blogs coming in the near future from some very talented people! Hope to see you back here again tomorrow - have a great day!

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A View Askew said...

Ha! He totally looks like he's glaring at you in the last one. :)