Thursday, February 04, 2010

Photo of the Day - Orb Weaver:

Orb Weaver-71

Howdy again! Back to the archives from a shoot I did immediately after the Owl shoot but this time I was back in Jacksonville, FL. This may be the last photo set that I am able to post from our old house in Jacksonville but I am happy it is this one because I absolutely love it! Some of you out there that are following may be thinking "not this stupid spider again" but hold on! This is a different Spiny Backed Orb Weaver! This little guy took up residence in the entryway of our house and I would pass him every day as I headed out to check the mail (that's a big event for an unemployed lawyer trust me). Every time I passed I would think to myself that I should get a few shots before we moved back to Lakeland. This spider was a survivor. It fought through numerous tropical waves as well as a tornado scare. It would disappear for a day after some rough wind only to return the next morning with an even more impressive web than before.

After the unusual tornado activity that Jacksonville experienced this past summer I told myself if this spider fought through this I HAD to get some shots. Soon after I was out with my macro gear and tripod trying to get some shots. It was still very windy so macro shots were difficult but I managed to get a few out of the literally hundreds I took that afternoon. The lighting was pretty difficult but I managed with what I was given with the angle of the web and the natural light that I had. Once I finally had a chance to go back through and edit the shots I noticed some of the background colors were a bit distracting from the spider and web so, fortunately, with the technology we have, I was able to just get rid of it! As I've said before I am not a huge fan of selective color editing but in this case I think it works. Below are a few more shots:

Orb Weaver-31

Orb Weaver-55

Orb Weaver-46

Orb Weaver-23

Orb Weaver-32

If you want to see a few more from the set be sure to click here! Thanks so much for checking in again today for Thursday's photo of the day! For all of the working folk out there only one more day stands between you and your weekend! Be sure to stop by tomorrow for our very FIRST guest blogger ever on the Tim Darby Photography Blog! It should be pretty interesting! See you then!


Doug said...

Dude, that thing is f'n creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy. Looks like a video game bad guy.

Velvet said...

Creepy? That thing is awwwwwesome! Wow. Nice shots, Tim!