Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photo of the Day - Near Miss:

TPC Round 4-228

Hello again! yesterday was another work day and the above photo is kind of fitting and since I was working with it last night so I figured I'd post it! The day wasn't THAT bad, but it did feel like a near miss. Just a lot of potential to be really great and get a lot done but just didn't get there. The good news is even though yesterday was a near miss there's always hope for tomorrow (the next hole in the round).

The above shot was taken during the third round of at last year's Players Championship. Kevin Na had a birdie putt on the 7th green and his reaction says it all. I had a great time following his group for a bit during this round and he is an exceptional professional golfer! I love the shot and it really sums up some of the emotions involved in the game of golf at any level. This shot is also an interesting lesson in sports photography - sometimes the best shots come after the action when the athletes react either positively or negatively based on the result. Never chimp too soon, the shots that have already been taken aren't going anywhere but the action or reaction in this case will pass you by if you're checking to see what you got too soon.

Here's hoping today is the exact opposite of a near miss! Thanks for stopping by today and if you missed it - be sure to check back to Monday's post for my very first "guest" blogger! Be sure to stay tuned for another guest blog entry soon! See you tomorrow!

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